On June 23, 2023, Gymnasio Aglantzias hosted a dynamic workshop on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into education, with a special focus on Chat-GPT technology. The day consisted of two parallel sessions, one tailored for teachers and another for students, both designed to provide valuable insights into the world of AI.

Teacher Session:

The teachers’ session commenced with a brief questionnaire to gauge their familiarity with AI, setting the stage for a day of exploration. Theodora, our knowledgeable host, then delivered an engaging presentation on AI, followed by a live demonstration of Chat-GPT’s capabilities. After the introduction, Nicolas led teachers in a hands-on activity involving AI-generated educational materials for History & Biology, showcasing the practical applications of AI in lesson planning. Teachers shared their insights on the activity by completing a form, allowing for immediate feedback. A short break provided a moment of relaxation before Thodoris  guided teachers through the usage of Teacher Mate, illustrating how AI can assist in daily classroom tasks. Marios then moderated a lively discussion among teachers on the potential of AI in education.

Student Session:

In parallel, the students’ session began with a pre-workshop questionnaire to assess their prior knowledge of AI. Theodora, an engaging host, provided an exciting introduction to AI, followed by a live demonstration of Chat-GPT’s capabilities. Students then delved into an activity led by Thodoris, exploring AI-generated questions related to History & Biology. This hands-on experience demonstrated the practical side of AI in their studies. Students had the opportunity to share their thoughts and insights on the activity by completing a form. After a brief break, Thodoris guided students through the use of Study Buddy, showcasing how AI can serve as a helpful study companion. The session concluded with Marios moderating a discussion among students, providing a platform for them to express their thoughts and discoveries. Students wrapped up their workshop journey by filling out a post-workshop questionnaire to reflect on their AI learning experience.


The workshop was a resounding success, attended by 11 dedicated teachers and 16 curious 8th-grade students. It illuminated the possibilities of AI in education and sparked engaging discussions. Both teachers and students left with a newfound appreciation for the potential of Chat-GPT and other AI technologies in the learning process. By blending theory with hands-on activities, this workshop equipped its participants with the knowledge and confidence to embrace AI in their teaching and learning journeys. As AI continues to evolve, this workshop stands as a testament to the importance of fostering AI literacy in educational institutions.

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