Conversational AI Assistant for teaching and learning

Our vision

Engage students, empower teachers, enhance learning and teaching

AI4EDU offers two AI-powered solutions for education:
Study Buddy, a conversational AI assistant for students, able to:

• explore the learning content of school subjects
• produce questions on learning content
• evaluate students’ answers, and provide feedback
• answer to student’ questions on learning content

Teacher Mate, an AI-based application for teachers, able to:

• produce and administer questions on learning content, to facilitate assessment
• automatically grade students’ short open-ended answers
• track students learning progress on school subjects and identify areas of intervention

Concept and Methodology

AI FOR Teaching and Learning

AI4EDU involves all key aspects of the AI implementation in education, which represent different facets of learning and AI interaction:
  • Learning with AI: use of AI for learning and assessment - use of AI to empower teachers and enhance teaching
  • Learning about AI
  • Learning for AI-human collaboration: ethical, transparent, inclusive and equitable use of AI

Our AI Education solutions

Group 9083

The Study Buddy conversational AI assistant acts as a companion to students in the context of self-study on school subjects.

Group 9086

The Teacher Workmate incorporates some of the Study-Buddy, AI-powered technologies and corresponding functionalities. More specifically, the Teacher Workmate will be able to: produce and administer questions on learning content, to facilitate the preparation and implementation of assessment tasks automatically grade students’ short open-ended answers, against a set of teacher-defined criteria track students learning progress on […]

Group 9087

Extensive piloting of the AI4EDU applications in realistic educational contexts will test and evaluate them in terms of user experience, usability and technology acceptance, as well as for their educational validity.


Transform Education

AI has the potential to transform education and address global challenges, such as poverty, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. AI4EDU focuses on the integration of AI into educational programmes, to:
  • improve students’ engagement in the learning process
  • promote autonomy, motivation and personalisation of learning
  • make the learning process more interesting and collaborating
  • improve teaching efficiency and students’ monitoring
  • and free up valuable time for more creative and personalised teaching

Train Students & Teachers

It is essential to develop AI literacy and skills among students and teachers to harness the full potential of AI. AI education should focus not only on technical skills but also on ethical considerations, such as bias, privacy, and transparency.


Evidence-based AI integration

AI4EDU is expected to improve quality, efficiency and innovation in education in the context of its digital transformation, addressing educational needs for better teaching and learning.


AI policy

AI4EDU is designed to promote the responsible and ethical use of AI in education. It aims to facilitate the integration of AI into the educational ecosystem, increase awareness of the benefits and challenges of AI, and promote cross-sectoral collaboration between educational community, academia, and policymakers.


Meet our team

Peter Coakley

Former school principal


Daithí Ó Murchú

International consultant


Nicolas Kanaris

Primary school teacher


Theodora Kakouri

Educational Technology Department


Theodoros Karafyllidis

Ph.D. student in “Learning in Natural Sciences”


Marios Papaevripidou

Senior Researcher


Georgia Kouti



Hamam Mokayed

Senior Lecturer


Viktor Gardelli

Senior Lecturer in Education


Foteini Simistira Liwicki

Associate Professor


Sofoklis Sotiriou

Head of R&D Department


Gregory Milopoulos



Vassilis Katsouros

Research Director


Spyridoula (Pepi) Stamouli

Research Associate


Nassos Katsamanis

Principal Researcher


George Paraskevopoulos

Research Associate



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