AI4EDU pursues the following Specific Objectives:

  • To study perceptions of the educational community related to AIEd technologies and tools, elicit the students’ and teachers’ needs, and translate them to user requirements for AI4EDU AI applications.
  • To investigate and define a pedagogical framework for the deployment of the AI4EDU applications.
  • To create high-quality educational datasets to train AI systems.
  • To adapt and integrate core AI technologies for the development of a conversational AI assistant for students and teachers.
  • To validate the AI4EDU applications against user-needs and demonstrate the potential and drawbacks of AI techniques with pilots in realistic educational settings.
  • To support educational standards for the effective integration of AIEd.
  • To deepen our understanding of the ethical implications, as well as of issues of inclusion and equity, in the integration of AI in education.
  • To ensure the impact and long-term sustainability of AI4EDU and its outputs.
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