The main goals were to:

  • Introduce teachers and students to Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Ascertain the AI knowledge of teachers and students in their daily lives.
  • Familiarize teachers and students with the use of an AI powered Chatbot in education.
  • Elicit teachers and students’ initial thoughts and ideas about its uses, SCOT analysis, Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats in and to education.

The workshop lasted between one and two hours. The data sources for evaluating the workshop’s impact on teachers and students’ views about AI were the two questionnaires and Mentimeter as outlined above. Dr. Daithi 0 Murch Ireland undertook to run the workshops in association and collaboration with EU colleagues with a special interest in AI in education.

One result was very clear ….students are much more at ease with AI, and AI Chatbots, Open AI and utilizing AI in all aspects of their ‘lives’ and education, than their teachers. Indeed there was zero fear expressed by students and they had significant expectations and hopes for AI and the future of AI in general. Overall they were very measured in their responses and very open to discuss all areas and possibilities of AI. Teachers on the other hand, focused more so on AI in education and overall, their impressions were fearful and apprehensive.

There was a poignant negativity towards AI in education. This was the same in Sweden, Netherlands and Ireland, so the nationality was irrelevant in the findings. The most positive finding for teachers was their readiness to engage with AI and understand its possibilities. Their mindsets were negative and at times closed, but overall they were willing to debate and discuss AI in education. They generally could perceive AI as a positive force in education. Moreover, the inclusion of AI in education was seen as inevitable and hopefully a positive influence..

Finally, and this is important to acknowledge in future workshops, we must outline that at last 50% of all teachers believed that they were NOT familiar with AI in education or in AI in general.

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