Forward-looking elements

Expected results and impact

Development of a dialogue-based, AI-powered learning companion for students

    • Short-term impact: Improve students’ engagement in the learning process, promote autonomy, motivation and personalisation of learning.
    • Long-term impact: Promote acceptance of AI-based systems as learning assistants; realise the human role in the AI system’s improvement: students will learn how to train an AI system.
  • Development of an AI companion for teachers
    • Short-term impact: Provide teachers with effective tools to accomplish their everyday teaching and assessment tasks, and for more effective students monitoring.
    • Long-term impact: Empower teachers to work in an AI-rich education setting; teachers will provide feedback on AI’s decisions and realise the direct impact of human intelligence to AI’s intelligence (teacher- in-the-loop).
  • Pilot use cases of the Study Buddy and Teacher Workmate in real educational settings to demonstrate their potential and investigate their user acceptance and educational value.
    • Short-term and long-term impact: Increase our knowledge on the needs and perceptions of the educational community about AI; evidence-based understanding of AI impact in learning and teaching.
    • Highlight implications of AI adoption on security and personal data protection / data ownership / biases / transparency to the AI decision-making.
  • Policy recommendations and implementation guidelines on the effective, ethical and equitable use of artificial intelligence in education.
    • Short-term impact: support the educational practices for the effective integration of AIEd.
    • Long-term impact: Contribute to better preparation of the educational community for AI-rich educational experiences.
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