ARC (Athens, GR) is Research Organisation, functioning under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development and Investments.

ARC conducts scientific and technological research in the sectors of information technology, knowledge, communication and automating production processes and the implementation and exploitation of results aiming at the production of laboratory prototypes, products and services. It promotes innovative information, communication and knowledge technologies in the industrial and services sectors. It suggests solutions, which combine various ICTs and lead to new approaches and services for the benefit of companies organisations and other users. ARC has been successfully participating in more than 300 national, regional and European R&D projects, in the context of which it has been demonstrating significant excellence, development and innovation performance in the above domains of activity. ARC participates in AI4EDU with its Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP), a leading R&D organisation in the area of Language Technologies. ILSP conducts interdisciplinary research that covers a wide range or research areas, from linguistic analysis to digital signal processing. The main areas that form ILSP’s research agenda are: Natural Language Processing and Language Infrastructures, Embodied Interaction and Robotics, Culture and Creative Industries, Learning Technologies and Speech, Media and Content Technologies. Natural Language Processing Department focuses on research, technological development and innovation in the field of natural language processing as well as on the design, development and utilization of big research language resource infrastructures and services to support and disseminate its results. Emphasis is put on processing monolingual and multilingual text data with a wide range of activities: multilevel linguistic content analysis, information retrieval and extraction, natural language production, automatic translation and a multitude of applications in digital content in Greek, English and other natural languages. Furthermore, the Department investigates methods of creating language resources with manual and automated techniques, and their incorporation in research infrastructures at a national and international level. Speech, Media and Content Technologies Department focuses on research, technological development and innovation in the field of analysis, processing, recognition and synthesis of signal and content. Emphasis is put both on individual signals relating to human communication, such as speech, and on multimedia and multimodal content through the study of individual multimodal and multisensory signal and data flows. In this context, a vast range of activities are included, such as the analysis, recognition and synthesis of speech with an emphasis on handling expressive and spontaneous speech, music symbolic processing, image and video processing for information extraction, virtual/augmented reality and signal processing with multiple sensors. The Learning Technologies Department exploits NLP, Speech and interaction technologies for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the teaching/learning process, covering a wide age range and diverse learning needs in several domains, such as Education, Culture and Health. It focuses on interdisciplinary research, technological development and innovation, with emphasis on: exploring learning mechanisms, designing, developing and evaluating innovative educational services and applications for language and lifelong learning, and exploring the effectiveness of Technology-Enhanced learning solutions in several domains of application.



 ARC acts as the coordinating partner, leading the project management activities (WP1). ARC also leads WP3 and WP5, representing the two iterative cycles of core AI technologies adaptation and integration in the AI4EDU applications, as an expert in NLP, Automatic Speech Recognition and Synthesis, chatbots and voice-enabled dialogue systems and audiovisual speech synthesis, with applications in the domain of educational technology. ARC will also be heavily involved in the dissemination and communication activities of WP8, in cooperation with all project partners.

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