Marios Papaevripidou

Personal Information

Marios Papaevripidou (m) is a Specialist Teaching Fellow of Science Education and a Senior Research Associate of the Research in Science and Technology Education Group (ReSciTEG) at the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus. He completed a B.A in Education, a M.A and a Ph.D. in Learning in Natural Sciences at the University of Cyprus. He teaches science methods courses and technology integration science courses, and supervises the design and implementation of science lessons of undergraduate students (primary and pre-primary education) in the context of the school practicum program. He served as a member of the scientific and organizing committee of international conferences organized at the University of Cyprus (e.g., EARLI, ESERA, JURE, GIREP, CBLIS), as the chair of the JURE 2014 of EARLI conference, and is a member of international learning and teaching associations (e.g., EARLI, ESERA, AERA, NARST). His research interests entail the use of modelling as both a learning tool and an instructional approach in science teaching and learning, and the design and research validation of educational curriculum materials to foster teachers’ professional development in STEM/STEAM. He participated in several research projects that focused on enhancing students’ competence in STEAM through modelling- and inquiry-based activities and preparing teachers to enact science teaching through inquiry with the use of contemporary technological tools.
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