Study-Buddy’s conversational design is expected to improve human-like communication and students’ acceptance of the conversational AI system, facilitating their trust-worthy, collaborating relationship.

At the long term, students are expected to get familiarised to the use of an AI-based system as their learning assistant, to acknowledge and accept its limitations, and to realise the bidirectional relationship between humans and AI, and especially the human role in the AI system’s improvement.


These impacts are related to students’ multiple competences, knowledge and skills for adopting AI in their learning practice.


Teacher-facing AI application is expected to scale up in remote or hybrid education settings, enhancing teaching-learning-assessment interactions. 


Even more importantly, teachers are expected to gain valuable knowledge of the AI systems potential and limitations, since they will be in the loop of the AI decisions: Teacher Workmate is designed as a human-AI intelligent collaboration system, whose accuracy and reliability depends on teachers’ knowledge and experience.


Teachers will be trained to provide input to AI’s content and feedback on AI’s decisions and will be able to realise the direct impact of human intelligence to AI’s intelligence.


More than being able to use an AI-powered teaching and assessment tool, teachers will acquire knowledge and awareness of their role in an AI-rich education setting: work together with AI for the best learning outcomes of students.

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