The Study Buddy provides learning aids, which include summarizing content in textbooks, highlighting and explaining key concepts in the form of flashcards, generating questions that facilitate learning of specific content, assessing short answers, and answering questions relevant to the subject matter by providing contextual cues.

An important dimension of the Study-Buddy is the ability to learn and adapt its behaviour to the student learning needs, knowledge gaps or misconceptions, given the student’s performance in teacher’s assessments, such as formative tests or assignments.

The Study Buddy interacts with students in natural language and is offered in three languages, Greek, English and Swedish, in the following forms:

  • as a chatbot
  • as a voice assistant
  • as an embodied virtual character

The Study Buddy is designed and implemented as a use case of core AI speech and language technologies adaptation, following a well-defined pedagogical framework, as well as curriculum-relevant learning scenarios in different school subjects. In doing so, the Study Buddy is expected to improve students’ engagement in the learning process, promote autonomy, motivation and personalisation of learning, facilitate and gamify studying, and ultimately improve learning outcomes

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