The workshop took place in the  1st class of senior high school (15-16 years old). The students first answered the pre questionnaire and then  used the Study Buddy. Then they answered the post questionnaires.

The 1st Students Workshop held on May 25, 2023, aimed to introduce students to the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. The central focus was on the preliminary version of the Study Buddy, the conversational AI assistant designed to enhance students’ learning experiences by exploring learning content, generating questions, evaluating responses, providing feedback, and answering queries related to educational topics.

The workshop had several objectives:

  • Introduction to AI: To provide students with an understanding of the basics of Artificial Intelligence and its potential impact on education.
  • Hands-On Experience: To allow students to interact with the Study Buddy AI assistant and experience its functionalities firsthand.
  • Feedback Collection: To gather student feedback on the usability, effectiveness, and potential improvements of the Study Buddy.

The workshop was conducted at EA School, welcoming a total of 70 enthusiastic participants from the 1st class of senior high school (aged 15-16). The workshop followed a structured agenda:

  • Pre-Questionnaire: Students began by answering a pre-workshop questionnaire to gauge their baseline knowledge and expectations.
  • AI Introduction: Gregory Milopoulos introduced the students to the concept of Artificial Intelligence, its significance in education, and its role in creating the Study Buddy AI assistant.
  • Study Buddy Interaction: Students were guided through hands-on sessions where they interacted with the Study Buddy. They explored learning content, generated questions, received evaluations and feedback on their answers, and posed questions to the AI.
  • Post-Questionnaire: Following the Study Buddy interaction, students completed a post-workshop questionnaire to assess their experience and gather insights.

The workshop achieved its objectives by introducing students to AI concepts and allowing them to engage with a practical AI application. Students were intrigued by the Study Buddy’s capabilities and found it to be a valuable learning tool. The workshop’s interactive nature facilitated deeper understanding and sparked curiosity among participants about the potential applications of AI in education.

The 1st Students Workshop on AI in Education successfully familiarized participants with AI and its role in enhancing the learning experience through the Study Buddy AI assistant. The workshop provided students with a hands-on opportunity to explore AI technology and its real-world applications. Feedback gathered from the pre and post questionnaires will contribute to the further development and refinement of Study Buddy, ensuring that it continues to cater to students’ learning needs effectively.

The event highlighted the importance of incorporating AI in education, encouraging critical thinking, and fostering a deeper engagement with subject matter. As students become more familiar with AI, they are better equipped to harness its potential and contribute to the evolving landscape of education in the digital age.

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