The workshop, titled “Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom: A Revolution or a Challenge?” took place on September 7th, 2023, at Björknäs School in Boden. The primary objective of this event was to delve into the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the field of education, with a specific focus on both its transformative possibilities and associated risks. The organization of this workshop was conducted by LTU.

The central theme of the workshop revolved around the profound influence of AI within the educational sector. It explored how AI has the capability to revolutionize teaching and learning methodologies, enabling educators to customize instruction, identify learning gaps, and provide immediate feedback to students, even in remote locations. A key emphasis of the workshop was on the significance of fostering AI literacy and competencies among both students and educators to harness the full potential of AI. Furthermore, it underscored the ethical considerations linked to AI, including issues like bias, privacy, and transparency.

At the outset of the workshop, an introduction to the AI4EDU Project was provided. This project is dedicated to reshaping school education by investigating, implementing, and evaluating novel research approaches and AI applications. These AI applications offer support to educators and students in their pursuit of educational goals through interactive virtual assistants. Hamam Mokayed delivered the presentation on the AI4EDU Project.


The workshop effectively engaged teachers in a meaningful discourse about the future of education within the context of AI advancements. It stressed the importance of embracing AI while simultaneously addressing potential challenges and ethical dilemmas. Ultimately, this discussion paved the way for a more knowledgeable and empowered educational system.

The workshop’s agenda encompassed the following sessions:

  • Introduction to the AI4Edu Project
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and GPT
  • Presentation and application of educational scenarios from “Adventure in AI.”
  • Analysis and evaluation of a lesson plan utilizing GPT.
  • Creation of a lesson plan with the assistance of GPT.

Towards the conclusion of the workshop, the potential use cases to be facilitated by GPT were deliberated among the educators, and all findings and thoughts were documented through an online form.

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